During 2013, the Strauss Group established a training centre to address the need for training in the company.

Since then, much has happened. The first goal achieved was the in-house training of IT5 Civil operators. Material was written and a program developed that was both suited to company needs, and in line with SAQA standards and guidelines. The eight modules developed for the program addresses basic, intermediate and advanced needs. All IT5 Civil operators completed the training during 2015 and will receive refresher training every two years. All new operators are required to complete the theoretical training regardless of previous experience before they are allowed to operate any machinery.

As part of the project, four Training Instructors were trained and received certificates as “On-Site Construction Skills Training Specialists”. They are responsible for the on-site practical training of learner-operators.

As with all new projects, challenges were met along the way of which language and literacy were the most challenging. Illiteracy still remains a challenge and we are continuously looking for new and creative ways to accommodate that operators with limited literacy.
Additionally, an in-house training course were also developed for the training of power tool operators ensuring the safe use of these potentially dangerous pieces of equipment.

Strauss Meganies employees receive fortnightly training that focuses on issues such as productivity, job satisfaction, problem solving, goal setting, housekeeping, teamwork etc.

We are very excited about the future of training and development in the Strauss Group. The purpose of training and development is to equip our employees with work- and life skills that enables them to be productive and have a high quality of life.

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